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Frozen Tuna Kama Bandsaw Cut Product Popularity

Many people does not know about tuna kama as this product is not very popular in western country. However, you should know that the frozen tuna kama bandsaw cut product is very popular in Asia especially Japan. That is why a lot of tuna supplier also provides this product for their buyers. Thus you can easily find this product in a lot of Asian market as well as Asian restaurant near your place. In Asian country, this product can easily be bought in any supermarket, and all fish market. Most seafood restaurant also serves tuna kama dishes for their customers.

Japan Frozen Tuna Kama Bandsaw Cut Delicacy
A lot of the time, people does not even want to try consuming this food item because they do not know what this item is. The tuna kama is actually a part that located right after the gill part on the tuna fish also known as tuna collar. It may be a little weird for you to eat the tuna collar as this is not very common in western country. Although it is very common food in Asian country thus you might want to try this food if you like Asian food.
Especially since the taste of this frozen tuna kama bandsaw cut food item is very delicious since the taste itself is very flavorful. To eat it, you can try to grill or bake the tuna kama using salt and pepper. Or you can also use Asian sauce to make the taste more authentic. Sometimes the tuna kama also serves raw in sushi but not everyone enjoys this especially those from western countries.
That is why; you will surely want to eat more after you taste one bite of this food. However, getting the meat on this tuna kama itself is quite difficult. This might be the reason why this delicacy is not very popular in western country. But in Asian country as they eat using chopstick, then it will be easier for them to pick on the tuna meat on the collar. Thus they will be able to eat this food item easier.
If you do not want to use chopstick to eat it, then you may also scrap up the meat from the tuna collar using spoon or fork. All of your hard work will pay off after you taste the delicious meat that the tuna kama has. So you would even feel ok having to do a lot of work to take the meat from the tuna collar.
Eating this food is an art on its own. But it is all worth the work as the taste of the tuna meat on this part is very delicious. Some parts on the tuna kama is very similar to the fatty tuna belly, meanwhile some part will resemble the tuna cheek. That is why some part especially on the lower kama is also served as sushi in Japan which very popular for it's delicious taste.
Actually the frozen tuna kama bandsaw cut product name comes from kama which actually a Japanese word for sickle. As you know, this part is located right after the gill part on the tuna fish. Thus it will form a sickle like shape which is why the Japanese uses this name for this tuna fish part.
For you who live in western country, it might be a little difficult to get this food item in your country. But you can actually get one if you want to try a little bit harder. Try to find this item in Japanese market that available in your country. If there is no Japanese or other Asian market available in your area, then you might want to search for any local fish market in your area. If the fish market sell tuna, then they surely have tuna kama in the market.
However, in western country this part usually not sold but instead they only throw it away along with the head. They will cut the head using bandsaw since most tuna has large and hard head part. Through this process the tuna kama will be separate from the body along with the head part. However, because of this part is not commonly consume in western country, most of the time, the fishmongers that you have in your local market will throw this item away. But do not get discourage since you may even get this delicious delicacy cheaply from your local market.
Of course, if you purchase frozen tuna kama bandsaw cut product instead of purchasing them from your local market, then you will get the product that has higher quality. Especially since the tuna fish is intended to be used to make tuna kama, thus they will be more careful when cutting it using the bandsaw. Unlike the product that you get from your local market, as the tuna fish itself is not intended for making tuna kama. Then they might cut it carelessly as the tuna collar will be thrown away. Thus there might be some of the parts that are cut off from your tuna kama product.
But for you who live in Japan or other Asian country, then it might be easier for you to get your hands on this product. Especially since, there is the Tsukiji market which actually very famous tuna fish market in the world that located in Japan. In this market, you will be able to find a lot of frozen tuna kama bandsaw cut product that originate from a lot of countries in the world. Those products are brought to this special market since there is the market that they want for this product. In fact the market for tuna kama in this country is very large thus they can sell the product in higher price instead of throwing them away since they cannot sell it in their original country.
Those are some information that you should know about the frozen tuna kama bandsaw cut product. As this product is very delicious and tasty, then you should try to consider eating it if you have chance.

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