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Frozen Tuna Jaw Kama Product Popularity

Usually not many people searching for tuna jaw product, as this product is not very well known especially in western part of the world. However, actually frozen tuna jaw product is very well known product especially in eastern part of the world. One country where this product is highly well known is Japan, but a lot of other Asian country also loves this food. Thus if you are interested to try how this food taste like, then you might be able to find this food on Asian eatery as most of them serves this food for people that eats that.

Trying Frozen Tuna Jaw Food Product
There is a special reason why this product is not very well known especially in western part of the world which is because people are lacking information about the product itself. If you are curious, this food product is actually the part of tuna fish that is located on the back of the head after its gill. You can also find this product named as tuna kama or the tuna collar as it is similar product. As you can see, the well known name is even using Japanese name since it is well known in that country.
Thus we highly recommended you to try this frozen tuna jaw food product if you have the change. Especially, since it has flavorful taste which makes it become very delicious. Eating this food product is also very simple, all you need to do is to use pepper along with salt then bake or grill this food product before eating it. However, if you want to have more of the Asian cuisine taste, then you can try to use Asian sauce. You should know that this food product may also serve raw as it is often used in sushi making. But if you do not like sushi, then we would not recommend this method.
Once you get your hands on this food product and taste it, then you will surely want more of it as the taste is very delicious. However, some people get discourage as the meat is hard to take off from the bone. This is why; the food product is not very well known in western part of the world. But this food product is able to become well known in eastern part of the world as a lot of people there eat their food using chopstick. Thus it will be easier for them to separate the meat from the bone and eat it.
Do not worry as you can also scrap the meat off from the bone using your spoon or your fork. When you take a bite and taste the delicious meat, then you will feel that working to separate the meat from the bone all worth it. You would not even think twice to do the hard work once again to take the second or third and so on bite of the frozen tuna jaw meat. The meat that this food product has is actually have similar taste with the belly part of the tuna which also very delicious and fatty. But some of the meat has similar taste with the tuna cheek that also tastes as delicious.
There is a unique fact that this food product has regarding the name that the Japanese people give to it which is tuna kama. Actually the word kama when translated to English is sickle. The reason why the Japanese people called this food product as tuna sickle is because the shape of the tuna jaw is similar to the sickle shape thus that is the source of its name.
If you want to get your hands to the frozen tuna jaw food product in western part of the world, it may be a little bit difficult. Thus you may need to try harder if you really want to get this food product. It will be a little bit easier if you have some Asian market or more specifically Japanese market in your area since usually this food product is sold there. But if you do not have any in your area, then it is better to go to your local fish market in your area.
You may even try and get this food product in your local fish market especially if they are known for their tuna loin product. But in western part of the world usually this part of the tuna is not sold and only thrown away since it is unknown to consume. They usually will cut the whole head along with the tuna jaw part and throw them all away even though both of those parts are equally delicious as other tuna body part. Thus you may need to gather your courage and ask whether you can purchase that part or not. As it is not usually sold, you may even get the food product cheaper this way.
But it would be better if you can get your hands on frozen tuna jaw food product as it would have higher quality. As it is created specifically as food product, then the manufacturer will be more careful when cutting this part apart using band saw. Thus you will get better meat and bone shape from the product.
This kind of product is usually shipped by the manufacturer to Asian country especially Japan as there is special market for this food product there. Thus you may even find this food product which manufactured from different country around the world. Some of the western country manufacturer is actually also manufacture this food product. However, most of the time they, would not sell the product in western country and ship them to Japan instead. Thus this is the reason why you cannot easily find this food product.
Another reason why they choose to ship this product to Asian country is because the frozen tuna jaw food product has higher price in that country. Thus they can get more profit than selling it to the local buyer which may not even consume it in the first place. Still there is a chance for you to find one there.

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