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Frozen Tuna Portion Product Variations in the Market

Frozen tuna portion has so many parts to be sold like tuna steak, tuna loin, tuna saku or tuna block, tuna naka, tuna fillet, and canned tuna. They are one of the most popular seafood products in the whole world which is why many seafood suppliers offer different qualities of product of tuna fish including fresh and frozen whole tuna.
Tuna fish is a great way to make delicious sushi dishes and other wonderful seafood recipes. Many manufacturers and suppliers provide different products of tuna portion that taken from fresh tuna fish and the cut into smaller parts. The tuna itself usually distributed worldwide to the global customers in vacuum packaged and stored in special temperature to maintain the freshness of the tuna meat.
The buyers of frozen tuna portion including Japan, Korea, America, Asia, and Europe countries. The demand of the tuna portion is increasing from year to year to the popularity of sushi restaurant business in many countries. However since there are many suppliers available all around the world, the buyers or customers who need high qualities of tuna portion need to be smart when select trusted suppliers.

Understand different products of frozen tuna portion
Before you select the frozen tuna portion suppliers, you should understand what products that usually sold in the seafood market. Below is several product of tuna portion which you can look for such as:
·         Tuna steak
Tuna fish can be cut into tuna steak product and you can find tuna steak supplier in Indonesia as one of the most trusted tuna manufacturers. Tuna in steak is often purchased to make delicious tuna steak dish. The steak can be prepared with light seasonings and then cooking with several methods including grilling or pan frying. Frozen tuna steak is vacuum packaging to avoid being rotten. They are stored in low temperature as well.
·         Tuna loin
Tuna loin usually sold in larger cuts than the tuna steak so it does not waste the fish meat unlike when the suppliers cut the tuna fish into steak. The tuna loin offer fantastic parts without skin and bones so they are easy to be prepared by the chefs. Tuna loin is graded based on their qualities including tuna loin AAA, AA, and A. Each qualities offer different texture, color, smell, freshness, and overall appearance. The higher the qualities then the higher the prices will be. Tuna loin can be found greatly in the market in frozen condition and vacuum packaged.
·         Tuna saku/ block
Tuna saku meaning that the tuna fish is cut into block and it usually has smaller sizes than tuna loin or tuna steak and without bones plus the skin. Tuna saku is often used for sushi dishes like nigiri or sashimi just like tuna loin. The tuna saku or block in frozen state is also vacuum packaged and the suppliers offer tuna saku in different small sizes which customers can select based on their preferences and prices. It is a really great frozen tuna portion product with nicely cuts.
·         Tuna naka
Frozen tuna naka is derived from tuna fish and it offers bright and fatty tuna meat with certain qualities. Different tuna naka qualities have different appearances and taste as well. Tuna naka is often used in many sushi restaurant businesses because it has a part that makes the dish more delicious with fatty texture that love by many customers or buyers.
Besides those tuna portion cuts, there are canned tuna which is the lowest and the cheapest frozen tuna product and they are available widely unlike the other tuna products above. Furthermore, tuna in cans do not need to be stored in special temperature when still unopened unlike tuna steak/ loin/ saku/ naka which need to be stored in low temperature to prevent spoilage.
Frozen tuna portion process
Once the tuna fish is caught, they are directly frozen in the boat to keep the freshness. And then the fish is taken to the facilities for further process. The suppliers then check plus inspect the quality of each tuna fish to make sure they are okay to be sold in the market.
The tuna that have high qualities will be separated with lower quality of tuna. The highest quality and then being processed and make into tuna portion cuts. As you may already know, different tuna parts have different qualities. One tuna fish when it cuts into several parts, they have different tastes and textures and this is why when you want to buy a frozen tuna portion product, you should tell specifically about the specs you want to buy to the tuna fish suppliers.
Most of the tuna fish parts can be processed and cooked including the tuna head and tuna cheek. Although some people like to throw away the tuna head, but it actually can be used to make a nice tuna dishes with special recipes. Well, not suppliers sell tuna head so if you want to find a nice tuna head, you may need to buy a whole tuna fresh meat and cut the head on your own including the tuna cheek.
Indonesia frozen tuna portion suppliers
Frozen tuna portion Indonesia suppliers have export their products to many countries including other Asian countries. They can be contacted online and for buyers, you can ask for their product qualities once you can find a good Indonesian supplier with good track record.
Good suppliers always have a description of their tuna portion products. Even without you ask what kind of tuna portion products they are sell, the supplier will give you the details of their tuna products including the qualities, prices, and the sustainability.
Frozen tuna portion is often vacuum packaged and the delivered in a store with special temperature to manage the freshness. On the package, they are important information regarding the detail of the tuna portion product, the sustainability, nutrition facts, and how they are processed. Such notes are important to the buyers, especially if customers want to purchase tuna loins that are graded with different qualities. On the packaging, the suppliers need to give info about the grade of the tuna fish loin, steak, and many more.

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