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The Best Qualities Frozen Tuna Naka with Red Color

Tuna is often called as the King of the Fish which used by many chefs and restaurant businesses. This is why many seafood suppliers like to deliver to thousand customers their tuna products in many cuts including fresh or frozen tuna loin, tuna steak, tuna fillet, tuna in cans, tuna saku, and frozen tuna naka.
Every part of the tuna meat has not the same quality, including the tuna naka part. Most of the naka part in tuna has red and fatty appearance which is offer the most delicious taste with extraordinary texture that melt in your mouth when you eat it. You can say, naka is one of the best quality parts of the tuna fish.

Best quality of frozen tuna naka in Japan
Tuna meat is sold in different parts by seafood suppliers. They are graded based on their qualities and then sold with different prices as well. Tuna with best quality usually priced a lot especially the one with AAA grade. They are also limited and very rare and thus you need to special order it sometime.
Tuna meat in Japan is divided into many parts based on their qualities as well. The tuna is often used in sushi dishes such as nigiri sushi or sashimi. Many sushi chefs love to purchase frozen tuna naka with high qualities since it offers the most delicious taste (and of course, possibly the most expensive price in the restaurants).
·         Lenten, back, and above parts of the tuna is called AKAMI and it still divided into three different qualities:
-          Seshimo which is the lowest qualities of the tuna in AKAMI
-          Sekami which is the medium qualities of the tuna in AKAMI
-          Senaka which is the best qualities of the tuna in AKAMI
Frozen tuna naka product with high qualities above is served without skin and bones since they are already removed by the tuna suppliers meaning that you get the clean meat with red tasty color and appearance. It is the high quality of tuna fish. The AKAMI itself is taken from parts in head to the tail of the tuna fish.
·         Lower part of the tuna stomach called TORO and it is the fattiest part of the tuna fish. It is also categorized in three different parts from the head to the tail with different qualities:
-          Harashimo which is the lowest qualities of the TORO.
-          Chutoro or Haranaka which is the medium qualities of the TORO.
-          Otoro or Harakami which is the best or highest qualities of the TORO.
These parts of tuna meat are really pricey and rare/ limited. Both of Akami and Toro have different taste although they are taken from the same tuna fish which is interesting to know. As for Toro, if we want to compare it with tuna Akami then Toro has brighter color with white fat lines while the akami has darker red color with aggressive appearance.
Frozen tuna naka with red meat
Frozen tuna naka suppliers offer different tuna species to be purchased. Bluefin and yellowfin tuna fish is two top tuna that usually used for sushi dishes. Despite being popular, tuna fish is a fragile fish which cannot be stored in conventional freezing process and procedure. Often the suppliers store their tuna fish naka into special storage with specific temperature to maintain the freshness of the tuna and avoid it getting bacterial or spoilage.
Tuna naka is one of the best qualities part of the tuna fish. They are cut in parts and then sold in the market either in fresh or frozen condition. There is se-naka which is a combination of superb and standard grade of the tuna meat and it is cut from the mid back of the tuna fish. It has fatty appearance but a little fibrous. There is also Hara-naka, this is a superb semi-fatty tuna meat cut quality with red color and marbled with fat. It has creamy fat texture with really delicious balance of the tuna fish flavor.
How to order tuna naka in frozen condition?
Ask some tuna fish suppliers whether they willing or able to supply you with tuna naka part. If they do not have tuna which already being cut into tuna naka then you can buy a whole tuna fish and get the tuna naka part by cutting it on your own. Beside, having fresh whole tuna fish meaning you can get the highest qualities of tuna naka. Many restaurants or businesses order frozen tuna naka manufacturer product due to the delicious fatty parts and the red meat color which offer appealing appearance for the dishes.
In the restaurants, you can order for tuna naka as well. Although there are maybe some restaurants which not list such tuna parts in their menu, however you can still order for it specially.
Why order tuna naka?
Tuna naka is the best part of the tuna meat with red delicious color that attracts many customers to taste your dish. It is also have a good fat appearance and nice texture. If you want to open a restaurant business especially sushi restaurants then you need to order tuna naka and listed it on the menu.
Frozen tuna naka can be purchased from trusted suppliers. You can looking for a supplier with good track record which able to deliver you tuna naka in affordable prices. You can also ask for the qualities of their tuna naka since the naka has different qualities and grades.
If you want to serve the best dish for your customers then you should ask for the highest qualities of tuna naka, although it may cost a lot. If you bulk order then you are possible to get discounted prices. Do not forget to ask about that when you order in bulking amount!
Moreover, you should make sure the suppliers store the tuna naka in special low temperature that allow the frozen tuna naka in fresh condition even after arriving at your place. The tuna naka need to be packaged in vacuum packaging as well and you should ask how they will packed the tuna naka too.

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